kntrl - Autoleveling

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Are you tired of looking at those pressure gauges? Do you want a more simple and secure system?
We now offer you a digital auto leveling system. With just a press on the touch screen the car automatically goes to your preferred ride height.




• Automatic height leveling

• Manual Axle & Strut Control

• 6 Preset heights

- 1 preset pre-defined 

- 5 frei konfigurierbare Höhen

• "Rise on start" function

• Multicolor-Touchpad


Delivery includes:

1x kntrl ECU

1x kntrl 3.2" touchscreen with detachable USB cable near the the screen

1x 5m USB cable

4x Pressure sensor

1x FAHRWairK valve4 Ventilblock incl. fittings (6mm, 10mm, 1/4", 3/8" angeben!) +199 euro